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  1. Humanities WA Think and Drink: One Click Away—Hate and the Internet
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Humanities WA Think and Drink: One Click Away—Hate and the Internet

Subscribe Unsubscribe. Digital Myths: 9 — Competition is only one click away, except nobody actually clicks. The idea is that because competition online is not limited by such things as geography and expensive machinery, as in the physical markets, the marketplace is fair and the consumer always gets what they want.

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The prime example of this is MySpace, the music network that used to be top dog in social media, now a shadow of its former self. So could Facebook, Amazon or Google meet with the same fate?

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And is that really a case against competition action? Take Facebook: can you really opt out?

Just 1 Click Away

With billions of users, an ambition to connect everyone in the world and a strategy of buying new competitors, can you not be on Facebook? So it can be convenient and great in many ways, but when is the price for not being on board too high?

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Is the choice really yours anymore? Is the choice really yours anymore?

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  • Digital Myth: Competition is Only One Click Away.

Is anyone going next door for a competing offer? The choice is there in theory, but in practice user habit, brand recognition and lock-in effects keep us coming back. The power of networks contributes to this — it makes more sense to have one auction site than many, one listed ads service, one online retailer. It may be a long time before any of them implode like MySpace did. A dominant position in one niche can seep into neighbouring services, like zero-cost subscription plans for particular online services, or mail-order plug-ins in your webmail or browser. In fact, you will have to look hard to find any consumer offer that is not subject to detailed regulation. Digital services are of course no exception. The myth of competition relies on false assumptions about other markets. Hats off to the Pirate Party, from one seat in European Parliament to five one Name: Email address: Subscribe Unsubscribe.

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